Corey's Success Story

Corey started Piranha’s bootcamp in January 2012 after realizing how much his weight and health hindered his daily routines. He was able to see results first hand from his fiance, Allison, and decided to join. Corey sticks to a strict workout schedule every other day and does his best not to miss a class. He travels for work and locates gyms in the area to drop-in for a workout (now that’s dedication!). Corey’s diet has completely been reformed to include things such as grilled meats and veggies instead of fried foods and sweet snacks. Corey was a sucker for sugar, so he has seen great success by replacing his sweets and sodas with Advocare Spark.

“Keeping mind over matter has allowed me to come so far since January. I keep myself in a routine and constantly challenge myself. You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!”