Devin's Success Story

New Year… New You… The Challenge

That sounded like the best time to start a journey. I didn’t really want to become a “new” person, but I wanted to see something different. I chose to participate with my mom and even convinced a friend to join me. We were going to learn some tips (maybe even tricks) on how to become the instagram fitness models that I wanted so dearly to be. I was realistic though. I didn’t want a 20 year old “never had a baby body”. I wanted the best 30 year old “set a good parenting example” body that I could get. Let me start by saying, I was a member of Piranha and loved the classes so much that I became one of “those people” (a Power Trainer). I worked out, I ran half marathons yearly, I ate crappy food and I thought I was doing it all decently right… THEN the challenge changed it all.

Taking 30 days to document everything you eat, drink, do, think and stress over was an eye opener. I walked into the room in early January with the actual mindset of I can do this, it will be a learning experience. I learned through the journey I had a scary and unhealthy relationship with the bathroom scale. I had NO IDEA of how to read a food label. I was horrible at meditating (which now I love). Lots of tears were shed, pounds were shed, and inches were gone. Friendships were made with fellow competitors and trainers. I had never seen my husband be so supportive. I learned that this journey was NOT possible alone. I needed everyone on board with me and pushing me just a little farther each time. I was shocked with what all I gained from the experience. I now understand food and what each aspect does to MY body. I now understand how to push my body to get the results that I want depending on life’s situations. I am proud to say that I was able to still be active in Power Training up until the week before delivering my second daughter… EVEN with everyone telling me I should stay away from the gym while I was pregnant. I understand what a workout means to me. It no longer means I wear a matching outfit and go sweat a little and smile. Working out is what I use to clear my head and gather my thoughts. It is the center of my day and creator of my attitude. Most importantly, I no longer strive to be the instagram model or the person in the gym next to me. I no longer define my self worth based on a number on a scale or a comparison picture with someone I have never met.

I used this 30 day journey to set the precedent for the next year of my life. I am excited to start the year with a new challenge to myself to dedicate a little more time to good food choices. Being a wife and mother to a 7 year old and 6 week old I know that it can’t be ALL about me, but it has to start with me.