Josh's Success Story

As I grew up, my meals were always healthy (thanks Mom!). However, I routinely snacked poorly and over ate (four Pop-Tarts at once), but I never had to pay the price because I was young and played soccer year-round.

It all changed in college when I gained about 30 pounds and was stuck there for five years! Fast forward to January 2014 when Tiffanie (my wife) became interested in us doing Whole30, a month-long clean eating plan. I was skeptical, but since I could have all the eggs I wanted, I agreed.

After one week on Whole30, Tiffanie convinced me to participate in the New Year New You Challenge at Piranha. With Lindsay telling us what was good or bad and giving us reasons why started me on the road to my ‘ah ha’ moment. About halfway through Whole30, I picked up the book, “It Starts with Food” and everything started to make sense. I highly suggest reading the book – it is one thing to be told what to do, but understanding why will make it stick so much better.

In a little more than one month I lost 20 pounds (all fat) and more importantly, I completely changed how and what I eat. I never felt deprived and I never ate something I didn’t enjoy. The beauty of clean eating is that “delicious” foods become so much more than just the super-sweet junk foods I used to eat.