PJ's Success Story

I grew up playing sports since about 5 or 6 years old. I bowled competitively and played softball and basketball for the majority of my childhood. I guess I’ve always been “fit” or at least semi in shape up until high school. I was diagnosed with asthma in the 9th grade and gained weight as a result of the medications prescribed. Regardless of the weight gain, I still management to remain a high school athlete. As a freshman in college, however, I soon found myself slipping into depression after losing an immediate family member. My freshman 15 turned into a freshman 40. I struggled with weight throughout undergrad and in graduate school due to poor nutrition, the stress of school, and other unforeseen circumstances. My heaviest weight was 204 lbs and after a while I found myself comfortable with that size. My “ah hah” moment was when I went to donate blood and I was not allow to donate because my blood pressure was too high. I knew something had to change immediately. I ended up seeing a nutritionist on campus once a week and began working out in the gym and walking. I moved to Texas and continued to take small steps to shed the pounds and I was soon introduced to Piranha Fitness Studio in February of 2013.

Initially, Power Training intimidated me. I saw “Olympic weightlifting” and I was afraid everyone else would be “fitter” than I was. I weighed 195 lbs at the time and in my head I thought the workouts would be too hard for me. Regardless, my friend signed me up for the intro classes and I promised him I would at least show up and do my best. After my intro classes, there was something that just felt good about Piranha and I accepted the challenge to improve myself. At that moment, I decided to make an investment in myself that I feel was one of the best decisions I have made since I moved here. Since joining the Piranha Family, my life has completely changed. I stepped outside of my comfort zone, pushed myself to and beyond my physical and emotional limits, and I have formed relationships that extend beyond the doors (or sidewalks) of Piranha. The trainers have pushed me when I wanted to give up, protected me from injury, and also provided an outlet for me to become my best self. I have lost over 20 inches all around (4 inches on my waist alone) and roughly 30 lbs since I started Power Training. I’ve lost more than inches and weight, I’ve lost self-doubt, mediocrity, anxiety and excuses. Now I eat better, I am faster, stronger and overall, healthier than I was before I started this journey. Once I changed my mind and my lifestyle, then I was able to change my body. I will continue to improve myself by showing up and doing my best, rep by rep at Piranha Fitness.