Sally's Success Story

In October 2012, I went to my internist for my annual check up. Part of my appointment included a bone density test, which is essential for senior citizens. My density result was NOT good. I had a 2.6, which is Osteopenia or brittle bone disease.

I went back for my annual exam in October 2013, and my internist was amazed! My bone density test was 1.5 after a year and a half of working out at Piranha Fitness Studio.

I joined Piranha to dance, have fun and relieve stress. I did not join to lose weight, as I am already thin. I was hooked on Piranha from my very first class and fell in love with the owner, Lindsay Greening, and all the instructors. I started working out on a regular basis and thus my bones are stronger, and I am proof why exercise is so important, not only for the young, but also for senior citizens. My blood pressure is also normal thanks to my cardio workouts and I no longer have to take medication.

Piranha Fitness Studio has made a huge difference in my life, and I am so thankful to Lindsay Greening for bringing this amazing fitness studio to the Brazos Valley.