Sam's Success Story

For most of my adult life I have weighed the same amount, and when I started graduate school at Texas A&M University in 2011, I had no desire to change that. I considered myself relatively healthy—I didn’t binge at every meal, and I could probably do most physical activities if I wanted. In April 2012 I started having health problems that had been dormant for over 10 years. After seeing a doctor and getting a correct diagnosis (the initial one was wrong) I was able to control my condition, but I received some terrible news. I was not, and had actually never been, allergic to peanut butter. You’re probably thinking “terrible” is not really the word to use, but I love peanut butter and had been avoiding it like the plague since I was 10 years old. Did you know that peanut butter in excess is actually not good for you? I found that out…15 pounds later. It was then that I decided that something had to be done.

I had already been a member of Piranha for a couple months, but my outbreaks made Zumba too difficult. My doctor suggested yoga since it would be a bit easier on my joints and would most likely help me relieve some stress. I convinced my best friend to go with me and I was immediately hooked! Amazingly I was completely calm and relaxed even though I was dripping sweat and instantaneously sore. The best part was that Jen, the instructor, was very adamant about reminding you that yoga is a practice. You don’t start out perfect and you’ll only get better if you keep coming. That’s exactly what I did.

Since coming to Piranha I have lost 35 pounds and have made permanent lifestyle changes that have helped me to become a healthier, more active person. I never thought that I would become obsessed with yoga or actually want to go to INSANITY. Now, whenever I go somewhere I’m always asking, “What activity can I do while I’m here?” I’ve tried so many things that I would have never done before, and I am honestly a whole new person. I couldn’t imagine where I’d be without Piranha, but it doesn’t really matter because I’m here and I love it!