Scotty's Success Story

I have always been a big guy. I am told that by 12 months old, I was so dense, my Mom’s top priority was to get me walking so she didn’t have to carry me everywhere. I have two older brothers that I have outweighed since I was 8 years old. Throughout middle school and high school, I maintained a slightly overweight body. The down turn came when I got a desk job and got married! Within a few years I weighed 285 pounds.

I had lost control of my body; I couldn’t take a flight of stairs without getting winded. I tried working out on my own a couple of times, but it never lasted longer than a few weeks. Then my wife, Janna, started working out at Piranha Fitness Studio. Soon she was hooked on exercise, while I was yet to buy into this new lifestyle. Janna finally persuaded me to try Power Training at Piranha with her.

At first, it was grueling; when asked what my short term goal was, I truthfully answered that I wanted to finish the warm up without losing my breath! I have joked that I sometimes feel like a winded water buffalo surrounded by a herd of gazelles, but I have never lacked encouragement from either the trainers or my fellow Power Trainers. I started dropping pounds and inches, which lead to the control of my body again.

I now feel amazing! With constant support and accountability from my Piranha family, I have become rather attached to Power Training. Janna and I don’t miss a workout unless we are sick or out of town.

The people in my 5:30AM class have become part of my family. We encourage each other to push ourselves and to accomplish our goals. My fitness journey is ongoing, but I’m pleased with the distance I’ve come so far. I continue to exercise because it makes me feel great; I continue to do Power Training at Piranha because I love the people. We are Piranha Fitness!