Shelly's Success Story

I have been a member of Piranha since January 2013. I joined already loving Zumba but left my previous gym because I loved the energy at Piranha. I went off and on for a year but never could keep a consistent schedule. I’ve struggled with my weight for a long time but finally had enough. I was tired of miracle diet pills & gaining more weight after I stopped using them. I needed help.

This past February a friend and I grabbed some matching shirts & attended Twin Day at Piranha. Giuliana had a table display of some Before/After pictures, Poliquin information & her calipers. So much information to process but Before I left, I made an appointment for a consultation.

‘How long did it take you to gain the weight/form your eating habits?’ My answer-10 years. ‘It’s not going to go away/change completely in 10 weeks. Trust the process.’ Although it hasn’t completed changed, I have made great improvements in my eating habits, added Poliquin supplements & kept a consistent workout schedule. With the encouragement of a fellow Piranha member, I added TRX to my schedule of Strike & Piranha classes.

Since I’ve started my supplements & readings with Giuliana at the beginning of March, I’ve lost over 5% body fat, eliminated a pant size & down 15 pounds. Whenever I feel like giving up or what I’ve done hasn’t been enough, I know I have the ladies at Piranha to remind me ‘Trust the process’.