Blog Posts in April, 2013

  • If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you

    Ashley Buchly’s story of how Piranha Fitness Studio and Power Training are changing her life. I joined Piranha Fitness Studio in November 2011. After going to Zumba and Piloxing classes for a year, I was getting bored, and I was not as motivated as I used to be. I needed something different… drastically different. A close friend of mine had been doing CrossFit in town, and I was very interested in ...
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  • Lipscomb, Party of 2

    Piranha Fitness Zumba instructor, Kristen Lipscomb, gives some advice on eating healthier and why doing it with a loved one makes it better! Our loved ones can be our supporters, motivators and pillars. They give us encouragement and advice to reach our goals. But when it comes to eating healthier, they are usually the ones stocking the pantry with cookies or asking for extra cheese on the pizza. ...
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