Blog Posts in April, 2015

  • Introducing HIIT-IT Outdoors

    A little extra Vitamin D never hurts and is oh-so-good for the soul! Get outside this summer and break a sweat with our brand new class HIIT-IT OUTDOORS. Whether you sit inside at your desk all day or enjoy a cleansing and detoxifying workout, this class is perfect for you! Who can take HIIT-IT Outdoors? We welcome all fitness levels and any membership level that includes HIIT-IT to participate.
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  • Define Yourself Challenge Progress

    Our “Define Yourself” Nutrition Challenge is going great! This time around we’ve utilized social media as a source of accountability and a place to go for meal ideas, recipes, and to have all of your nutrition questions answered. Check out some of the delicious and nutritious meals that current challenge participants have created! With a mix of both clients and Piranha instructors participating, ...
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  • Benefits of Group Exercise

    Does your life consist of a stressful daily routine? Are you looking to get healthy and in shape but find that you need to be encouraged and held accountable by others to stay on track? Do you have a small amount of prior exercise knowledge but enjoy trying new things? Then group exercise at Piranha Fitness Studio is the perfect starting point on your journey to better health and fitness! Group ...
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  • 3 Ingredient Recipes

    Did you know that just three ingredients could create such healthy and delicous meals? Take a look at these quick and healthy 3 ingredient meals: one for each meal of the day! With only three ingredients needed, there is less room for needing to skip a meal. Give these recipes a try and check out other yummy recipes from Greatist.com. NOTE: Olive oil, salt, and pepper do not count as any of the ...
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