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  • Discipline

    Congrats! You’ve made the biggest step in your fitness journey: starting the journey. I like to call it a “journey” because the name itself implies that this is not necessarily an easy path. There will be obstacles; there will be days where you just want to sleep an extra 30 minutes instead of waking up and getting your workout in. There will be days that a slice of cake sounds so much better than ...
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  • 5 Ways To Strengthen Your CORE

    Did you know that your core consists of more than just your abs? The key to successful fitness and a healthy life is a strong core, which includes your back, butt, legs and of course abs. Our ABS-so-GLUTE class is our FREE COMMUNITY CLASS and will target all of these muscles, while our TRX class will help you increase stability and strength through various bodyweight suspension movements. Here are ...
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  • Introducing HIIT-IT Outdoors

    A little extra Vitamin D never hurts and is oh-so-good for the soul! Get outside this summer and break a sweat with our brand new class HIIT-IT OUTDOORS. Whether you sit inside at your desk all day or enjoy a cleansing and detoxifying workout, this class is perfect for you! Who can take HIIT-IT Outdoors? We welcome all fitness levels and any membership level that includes HIIT-IT to participate.
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  • Join Power Training ANYTIME

    Have you thought about joining Power Training? You can now join at ANYTIME! Power Training is a small group training program of high intensity workouts comprised of weightlifting movements, strongman training, and structure imbalance work. What you feel like and look like is the main focus. It’s not complicated…we workout, sweat and get results! Come talk to us at the front desk and we can get you ...
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  • Piranha On Demand

    Do you like to workout in the comfort of your own home? Or maybe the times you need to workout don’t fit most schedules? Or maybe even you’re a stay at home mom? Then Piranha Fitness On Demand may be just for you! Piranha Fitness On Demand offers fitness videos that include various dance classes, kickboxing, bodyweight bootcamp, yoga/Pilates, and more. You can stream our online videos on your ...
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  • What is ABS-so-GLUTE?

    We are launching a brand new class this Spring and it is FREE FOR ANYONE! You do not have to have an active membership to attend this class. ABS-so-GLUTE is a class that will focus on strengthening your core, making it look good, and ensuring to firm up your back side. Who doesn’t want any of those three things and only at the cost of 45 minutes of your time once a week?
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