Core Workout Classes

Why should you strengthen your core:
What is your “core”? Your core muscles are a complex set of muscles in your pelvis, abdomen, hips and lower back. Your core muscles are key muscles that help your stability and balance in almost every activity you do. Strengthening and building a stable core is a critical part of a good fitness program. You can build a strong core by regularly doing a core workout.

Core exercises are those that involve the coordination of your back and abdominal muscles. Strengthening your core is going beyond the hype of working toward chiseled, washboard abs. The best core exercises are those that target a variety of muscles in every part of your body, except the arms and legs.

In addition to many other benefits, having a strong core stabilizes your body and acts as a sort of natural brace, supporting your joints. Having a strong core will help to delay your aging process, and assist in keeping your body lean. It can also hone your fine motor abilities. When combined with upper back and shoulder exercises, you will stand straight and tall.

Does Piranha Fitness Studio offer core strength exercises:
Yes, we definitely do! At Piranha Fitness Studio, our fitness instructors will assist you in blasting your abs, glutes, and back to fitness in just under an hour! There will be a mixture of static holds, quick repetitions and partner exercises to give you a fit, flat and toned midsection, just like you want. Get ready to activate your core and go on a fat burning blitz with Piranha Fitness Studio’s core workout challenges!

What equipment will be needed:
You will need a yoga mat for this set of exercises.

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