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Lipscomb, Party of 2

Piranha Fitness Zumba instructor, Kristen Lipscomb, gives some advice on eating healthier and why doing it with a loved one makes it better!

Our loved ones can be our supporters, motivators and pillars. They give us encouragement and advice to reach our goals. But when it comes to eating healthier, they are usually the ones stocking the pantry with cookies or asking for extra cheese on the pizza. If you are the only one in your household trying to improve your diet, it can be tough!

Lucky for me, my husband is interested in eating healthier with me (I know, he’s a keeper!). However, even with similar attitudes about eating healthier, we still run into some issues. For example, I have a high metabolism and am hungry all the time. While I’m eating one meal, I’m already thinking about the next. My husband on the other hand, only starts to think about food once his stomach is growling. And he’s never quite sure what he wants until he’s ready to eat. This makes it really hard to plan meals! But we have both been doing really well with our new healthy eating habits, and I wanted to share some tips with you on how to make eating healthy easier!

  • Planning is key! I am the planner in our household – I love writing grocery lists and planning meals for the week. If my husband or I change our minds about the planned dinner, we just switch up days!
  • Go to the grocery store more often. With the fresh fruits, veggies and meat that we eat, it means going to the store more often. I make it part of my normal routine instead of ADDING it to my to-do list; this way I don’t dread going, I actually enjoy it!
  • Shop on the outside of the store. This is where you will find fresh, natural foods. If I go into the middle of the store, I go for a specific item, and I don’t deviate from my list. It’s very tempting when I pass those powdered donuts, but self-control is important even when shopping.
  • If it’s not in the house, you can’t eat it! Don’t hide candy in the house and expect yourself to only dig in during “emotional emergencies”. I’ve tried… it doesn’t work. Just THROW IT OUT and don’t buy it again!
  • You feel good when you eat clean! Lindsay says it perfectly – Think of your body as a nice car. You want it to run well and last for years, right? Well don’t put cheap gas in it! Our bodies need energy and nutrients to run properly. Food either makes you healthier or unhealthier, and your body will thank you for feeding it with healthy food!
  • Eat out smartly. We don’t cook all the time. We treat ourselves to dinner dates, and I sometimes pick up dinner on the way home from Zumba. It’s about making the right choices of where to eat and what to eat.
  • Be adventurous! My husband has been great about encouraging me to try new things, and I have discovered several things that I love. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring – it is more interesting than choosing between McDonald’s and Taco Bell each night.
  • Talk about it. At Piranha, we love talking about fitness and nutrition with each other. The more you talk about your eating habits and share your stories with others, the more accountable you will feel. I don’t want to tell the girls I binged on pizza and ice cream because I feel guilty about doing it. But I love telling them when I tried a new healthy recipe! Share your successes with others and it will keep motivating you!

Good luck with your healthy eating habits, and remember, you’re never doing it alone when you’re at Piranha!

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