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Tailgate - Whole30 Style

Howdy! I’m Amy. I blog over at Interpret As You May & I call Pirahna Fitness my gym. I probably know some of you and would love to meet the rest of you – so say hi next time you see me around ♥

So Aggieland is full of college football fever right now – as it rightly should be. We’re coming off of an incredible season, anxious for the new one to start. And I know we all have plans to eat to our heart’s content while tailgating with friends (or doing ring dunks later this year?).

In the spirit of Pirahna Fitness, though, I wanted to try & see if I could come up with a few healthy alternatives to the usual football tailgate food. I decided to search for Whole30 recipes – and here’s what I came up with:

Chicken Wings

What makes them Whole30? No breading for starters. Instead you boil them for 10 minutes, let them dry, brush with coconut oil and then bake until they’re super crisp. Toss in homemade Whole30 dressing & you’re good to go. Here’s the recipe I used.

Sriracha Mayo Sliders

Use butter lettuce instead of a bun. Season the burgers to whatever flavor profile you want (I actually used curry in these.) Add a slice of tomato and maybe some red peppers. But I decided this burger needed something a little special. So I made coconut oil mayonnaise, mixed in a little homemade, Whole30 Sriracha, and threw that on top. Best decision ever. These are easy to eat (just wrap up the lettuce & go!) and very customizable for parties.

Chicken Pesto “Pizza”

We’ve all seen the cauliflower crust recipes. I decided to finally just go ahead & try it. And if I’m being honest, I didn’t really like them. They aren’t crispy. They’re tough to get off the pan. But the entire “pizza” together was amazing. Can’t beat homemade pesto and chicken. And these are perfect for making ahead of time & then serving at kick-off. Find the full recipe here.

Chocolate Chili Bowls

Football season isn’t football season without chili. I think my husband makes a pot every-other weekend, starting with this weekend through bowl season. But he uses beer. We top it with cheese. We make corn bread. I decided that instead of trying to just make & serve “traditional” chili, this would need to be extra special to compete with our usual. I found this Chocolate Chili recipe, which uses cocoa powder and ton of amazing fall-inspired spices. Then I served them in bell pepper bowls. Not only is it colorful, but it’ll save you dishes.

It doesn’t have to be unhealthy to be tasty and football-worthy. Go out & Improve Yourself and let’s BTHO Rice!

A huge thank you to Leslie of Everlee Photo who graciously took these pictures for this post ♥