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Whole30 Take 2

I predicted one thing correctly – my second Whole30 was easier than my first. It also went by faster. The halfway point came in no time at all, and the last five days really flew by.

Good Times

It was easier because I was more prepared. I had go-to meals from my last Whole30 and didn’t have to spend as much time in the grocery story looking at labels; I already knew what I could and couldn’t have. I also discovered several new dishes: banana-egg pancakes, sweet potatoes topped with homemade turkey chili and ground turkey meat with vegetable stir fry to name a few. Delicious!


But unlike my first Whole30, I wasn’t perfect this time around. On Day 7, I experimented with “carb loading” and ate a bowl of rice with dinner. I got the idea from a trainer who carb loads once a week sending his body into “fat burning mode”. Rice is not Whole30 approved, but it is gluten-free. I meant to do this every week, and see if I felt any different, but I didn’t stick to it.

On Day 16, I attended a function where dinner was served. I had three options: 1) eat nothing 2) eat salad without dressing or 3) eat dinner. Instead of just passing on dinner, I decided to eat. I had salad sans dressing, bacon wrapped green beans – most likely doused in butter (paleo, but not Whole30), and chicken breast with a poblano cream sauce (definitely NOT Whole30). I was definitely upset with myself after this meal. It wasn’t worth cheating for, and I definitely could have just passed on dinner altogether.

On Day 19, I attended another function where dinner was served, and again, I chose to eat. At this point, since my Whole30 had already been tainted, I figured it wouldn’t hurt. I had salad with balsamic dressing, sautéed vegetables with rice, a piece of chicken in sauce, and a piece of salmon in a pesto sauce. I did a good job in sticking to paleo foods, but I guarantee you those sauces were not Whole30 compliant. At least I passed on dessert, right?

Because I had already completed a true Whole30, I was more lax with myself this time around. The crazy part is I was stricter with myself in tougher situations. I traveled twice this month for volleyball tournaments (I coach a club team), and took the time to pack all of my own food and snacks for the trips. I also went to a Super Bowl party and managed to resist several delicious treats! And have you ever walked into Buc-ee’s and been able to resist buying Beaver Nuggets?! It’s tough!


All in all, my second Whole30 was a great experience even though it wasn’t perfect. I feel healthy, cleansed and strong, both physically and mentally. I want to continue my healthy eating habits on a regular basis, and stay as Whole30 as possible.

I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a fresh start with nutrition. There’s nothing like a clean eating reset!

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