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Maintaining Your Healthy Lifestyle

Piranha’s own Giuliana Alcala shares some tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle while continuing the journey to improve yourself.

Inspiration to start living a healthier lifestyle can come from anywhere. Makeover TV shows, magazine articles, and even personal relationships can inspire you to make changes. But the hard part is far more than finding the inspiration; actually maintaining that healthy lifestyle is where many of us get stuck. How you handle taking on this new challenge will dictate the amount of success you have. I started this journey two years ago and wanted to share some tips that helped keep me going.

  1. Set realistic goals! It’s hard to tell yourself to exercise six days a week, when you’re barely making it to the gym at all. You set yourself up to fail when you make extreme goals.
  2. Make friends! Whether it is with other members or the instructors, forming relationships will create a sense of accountability.
  3. Recognize achievements and celebrate them! Even small, positive changes need to be acknowledged. This is a great way to feed your motivation to keep going.
  4. Never stop making goals. There is always room to improve!
  5. When making changes to your diet, stay positive and don’t deprive yourself. If you’re craving soda, try REPLACING it with something like Spark or a piece of gum.
  6. Do NOT be afraid of failure. No one is perfect, and there will be times that you fail. TRY AGAIN! An unreached goal should never be the reason your journey to improve yourself ends.
  7. Pay it forward. Since beginning my journey to improve myself, MANY positive things have happened in my life. Besides seeing my own results, the level of accountability I get from having friends and family keep up with me is what keeps me going. You can always be an inspiration to someone – embrace that opportunity!

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