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Blog Posts in July, 2013

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  • Q&A with Lindsay
    Q&A with Lindsay

    Question What do you recommend to eat pre and post-workout? I eat very light before I work out in fear that it may come up during. I don’t eat much more after since the last thing I want to do is ...

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  • Assume the Vertical
    Assume the Vertical

    Last spring, I was at a seminar for work and listened to Dr. Pam Peeke speak. As she was addressing the importance of living an active lifestyle, she said three words that really summed it up: ASSUME ...

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  • Finding Your Motivation
    Finding Your Motivation

    A blog post from the series, “Allow me to re-introduce Myself”, by Tiffanie Bittle. It was less than a year ago that I was thinking up every excuse in the book to not exercise. ‘It’s too hot.’ ‘It’s ...

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  • The Dirty Dozen
    The Dirty Dozen

    Organic. To some it means fresh, clean and natural. To me, it means expensive! If you can’t afford to buy all organic produce, there are a couple of lists to use as guidelines. The Dirty Dozen is a ...

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  • Brussels & Bacon
    Brussels & Bacon

    Most things green are seen as the “enemy” from an early age, but Brussels sprouts get the reputation of being extra-yucky. As we get older, some begin to appreciate the small, green vegetable, but ...

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  • Be Beautiful
    Be Beautiful

    I am a firm believer that looking good on the outside makes you feel better on the inside. Granted The Real Housewives of Orange County contradicts my theory with zealous… Regardless, you know what it ...

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