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Assume the Vertical

Last spring, I was at a seminar for work and listened to Dr. Pam Peeke speak. As she was addressing the importance of living an active lifestyle, she said three words that really summed it up:


She said, “It doesn’t matter what you do, just get up and move.”

Being active is more than working out or exercising at the gym. Oh, you worked out for an hour today? Great! What did you do the rest of the day? Sat at a desk for 8 hours? Laid on your couch and watched TV? Sat in bed while Facebooking, Instagramming and Tweeting?

Humans were built to be upright, and in today’s age, we sit too much! We know you’re probably not willing to give up your morning commute for a 10 mile walk to work, do jumping jacks while watching Friends, or quit your job because they won’t let you trash your desk. But here are a few ways that you can assume the vertical more often during your day:

  • Drink more water. You’ll have to use the restroom more often, which requires you to stand up and walk around.
  • Take breaks. Even if you don’t have to pee, get up every hour and take a couple laps around your work place. Get that blood flowing!
  • Park farther away. Stop competing for that front row spot, and park at the back of the lot. A few extra steps to the store are good for you and your legs!
  • Walk your dog. Your pooch will appreciate you taking the time and so will your waistline.
  • Be active. In addition to working out, go on a hike, play catch with your kids, Rollerblade, play golf, turn on your computer and take a Piranha Fitness class On Demand – just get up and move!