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A post from the series, “Allow Me to Re-introduce Myself”, by Tiffanie Bittle.

I am proud to be a part of Piranha Fitness Studio’s Party in Pink Zumbathon this year. Not only is this my first Zumbathon to co-host as an instructor, but now I have a reason to dance for a cure.

Two weeks ago I got a call from my mom saying she was diagnosed with breast cancer. When I heard the news I wasn’t sure how to react. A million different scenarios were going through my mind, everything from the best to the worst.

Tiffanie and her mom, Debbie.

I immediately went into warrior mode, and thought to myself…

‘I have to be strong for mom.’

‘She’s a total fighter, we’ve gone through things like this before.’

‘Bring it on, cancer! We’re ready to take you down!’

And that’s exactly what we’re going to do – BTHO breast cancer!

When I asked my mom how she felt about her situation, her response was, “This is just a bump in the road, I’ll be fine!”

My mother, ladies and gentlemen – A FIGHTER!

As a family, we know we have a tough road ahead. We’ve been through some pretty amazing things together, as well as some pretty crappy things, and when we’re done with this, we’ll add it to the list of amazing things we have accomplished as a family – our fight against breast cancer!

I encourage you all to join us for our Zumbathon on Wednesday, October 16th and if don’t have anyone to Zumba for, dance for my mom – DEBBIE TORREZ and her fight against breast cancer!