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Suspicious Snickers Bar

Why stealing your kid’s Halloween candy just isn’t worth it.

We have all been a victim of it – and if you are a parent, you’ve been guilty of it. The “let me check your Halloween candy to make sure there aren’t any “suspicious” pieces” act. Sure, my dad was probably checking for open wrappers and sharp objects, but he was also stashing away all of my Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, his all-time favorite candy. Maybe that’s why I developed a strange obsession for Dots…

So it got me thinking, what is peoples favorite Halloween candy? But being the trainer that I am, I went a step further and found how many calories each top pick contains. That way when you are thinking that little Billy’s Kit Kat bar looks “sketch”, you think twice before doing a little trick-or-treating of your own.

These calorie counts are for fun size and mini size versions, so keep that in mind if you’re one of those people that takes your kids to the “rich” neighborhood to trick-or-treat. You might score some full size or even king size bars at those houses, which just means more calories.

On the flip-side, I would not advise choosing Halloween night to start your fight against child obesity by handing out raisins or apples in lieu of candy. All that will guarantee is eggs on your door and toilet paper in your trees.