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Yessica's Yummies

Yessica Saez joined Piranha Fitness Studio in 2012. This is her story about how Piranha changed her life.

I was very stressed during my first semester at Texas A&M. I am from Panama, and I missed my friends and my family very much. I am also a PhD student in Electrical Engineering, and I wasn’t sleeping well. My weight fluctuated during my first semester and I didn’t look or feel healthy AT ALL.

Then a Panamanian friend told me about Piranha Fitness Studio. I had done Zumba in my country, but tried it for the first time at Piranha during their one-year anniversary celebration. I am now a regular at almost all of the classes they offer, including the Power Training program. I went from being an occasional runner to working out at Piranha five to six days a week. Besides the obvious change in my workout routine, Piranha has changed my life in other ways.


I am ALWAYS stressed out, which affects my eating choices and sleep. I found that one of the best ways to relieve that stress is working out at Piranha.


My sleeping patterns used to be very irregular. Sometimes I would go to bed at 1 a.m. but not fall asleep till 5 a.m. Regular physical activity has helped me to fall asleep much faster and deepen my sleep. Getting a good night’s rest affects how you feel the next day, and now I wake up every single day with a smile on my face.


No matter how I feel before coming to Piranha, I would say the majority of the time after and during an amazing workout, my mood is heightened and I am happy!


Before joining Piranha, food was not a priority. Sometimes my appetite was low and I would skip meals, while other times I would overeat, especially when it came to chocolate. I started reading Piranha’s blog, and I learned about Whole30. I decided to take the plunge and give the 30-day nutritional challenge a try. I bought the book, It Starts with Food, and after 30 days of clean eating, my cravings were gone. I found a new passion for healthy eating and cooking. I love trying new recipes and sharing them on my Instagram profile.

Mental Health

Eating healthy has bettered my memory and concentration. Working out at Piranha clears my thinking and increases my creativity.


Since I started Power Training I have turned into an extremely organized person. I plan my workout schedule and prepare meals for the week on Sundays. This helps me finish my to-do list for the week and still have time to spend with my fiance and friends.


I consider the changes above more important than weight loss, but it is still satisfying to know my hard work has physically changed my body too. I am now down to a size 4 from a size 8, and I have lost 16 pounds. With every fitting, they have to take my wedding dress in a little more. I am a firm believer than 80% of successful weight loss is linked to nutrition and that successful weight management is greatly dependent upon an active lifestyle.

After joining Piranha, I regained my confidence and feel like a new person. The Piranha staff has been very supportive and encouraging. They are all truly an inspiration and have helped me reach my goals. I strongly recommend joining Piranha Fitness Studio, and I assure you it could change your life just as it changed mine.

As mentioned above, Yessica has a passion for cooking and eating healthy. Every Friday we will share one of her healthy recipes as part of her series, “Yessica’s Yummies” on our blog, so make sure to check it out!