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Best Health & Fitness Apps

I’m sure we ALL wish our phones could just do our workouts for us sometimes, and with the technology these days it feels like they almost could!

While I hate to be the bearer of bad news, it looks like this dilemma isn’t changing anytime soon. The good news – I’ve scoured the web to find the best health & fitness apps for 2014 to make your workouts as fun, convenient, and beneficial as possible!

The Motivational App

Charity Miles

If you are struggling to find a truly compelling reason to get out of bed an extra hour early to get that workout it, check out Charity Miles. Charity Miles allows you to earn corporate sponsorships for every mile that you walk, run, or bike – and it’ssuper simple to use. Just choose one of the app’s many charities and press start. Walkers and runners earn 25 cents per mile. Bikers earn 10 cents per mile.

The Much-Needed Awesome Music App

Tempo Run

Nothing can get you going on a run like a great beat. The right track pumping through your ear buds can often be reinvigorating and give you that extra boost of energy you need to keep going, but the wrong one can totally throw off your rhythm. That is where Tempo Run comes in; it’s an app that can categorize your music based on the beats per minute to a specific running pace! Yes, I’m serious – It’s awesome.

The Activity Tracker (Aka Virtual Coach)


Only on your phone would it be possible to combine a GPS tracker, virtual coaching, fitness social networking, AND a ghost to race against during your runs. Endomondo combines all of this and more into one convenient app. So ditch the sports watch and take your phone for a run!

The Workout App

Fitness Pro

Make the most of your gym time by downloading Fitness Pro. With the ability to choose targeted or full body exercises, this app will give you a long list of exercise options to choose from. Whether you’re a gym junkie or a newbie at your local fitness center, this app will help you learn new exercises and teach you how to properly use gym equipment. With helpful photos of real people doing the exercises, you can be confident before hitting that workout bench.

The Food & Nutrition App


Yes, there are a lot of apps out there that help you count calories to lose weight, but Fooducate actually starts at the beginning and helps you make healthy food purchases when you are at the grocery store. This app was designed to be the perfect shopping buddy when you are trying to make healthy choices but need a little help along the way. Using an integrated barcode scanner (or the ‘browse’ tab), you can get instant information on food products. Even better, the app gives you an actual grade (A, B+, D, etc.) for each food item, shown with alerts as to what the pros and cons are of that particular food. Stick to A and B-graded items and you’ll be on your way to a healthier fridge.