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  • Kaitlyn Chan
    Kaitlyn Chan

    I used to have a bad habit of deleting photos that made me look fat. To this day I can’t find one single “fat Kaitlyn” photo on my computer….except for the photo on the left. The photo on the left can ...

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  • Misti Chapman
    Misti Chapman

    In April 2015 I went for a routine physician yearly checkup, little did I know it would be the turning point that would change my life for the better. I was nervous that day because I knew I was going ...

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  • Boosting Your Self Confidence
    Boosting Your Self Confidence

    “Exercise because you love your body, not because you hate it”. Take a minute every morning to look at yourself in the mirror and say, “ I am a work in progress and I WILL reach my goal.” Starting ...

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  • Sarah Navarro
    Sarah Navarro

    I joined Piranha in September 2014 as a senior at Texas A&M with a friend. I was at my heaviest weight and I was unmotivated and unhappy with myself. I was always very physically active in high school ...

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  • Summer Nutrition Challenge
    Summer Nutrition Challenge

    Join us for our next Nutrition Challenge June 15th – July 15th to help clean up your diet just in time for summer. We don’t expect you to be perfect, we do expect you to have “cheat meals”, and the ...

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  • Kristen Hagan
    Kristen Hagan

    College hit me like a big yellow bus. My lifestyle no longer involved being active, and my eating habits were horrid. This lifestyle carried over to long after college, and into my life as a married ...

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