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Benefits of Group Exercise

Does your life consist of a stressful daily routine?

Are you looking to get healthy and in shape but find that you need to be encouraged and held accountable by others to stay on track?

Do you have a small amount of prior exercise knowledge but enjoy trying new things?

Then group exercise at Piranha Fitness Studio is the perfect starting point on your journey to better health and fitness! Group exercise offers relatively short class times, a variety of class formats and difficulty levels, as well as trained and friendly instructors. Often group classes begin early in the morning and run into the evening. These 45 to 60 minute classes will have you sweating and feeling great while leaving time for the rest of life’s duties. Whether you prefer an intense workout such as TRX, a heart pounding cardio workout like Strike, shaking your booty to the latest hits in Hip Hop or even practicing a yoga flow in Inspiranha, group classes can help open the door to new friends, new skills, and a new you! Grab a friend, try out a new class, and get on the path to a healthier life!

group exercise