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Define Yourself Challenge Progress

Our “Define Yourself” Nutrition Challenge is going great! This time around we’ve utilized social media as a source of accountability and a place to go for meal ideas, recipes, and to have all of your nutrition questions answered. Check out some of the delicious and nutritious meals that current challenge participants have created!

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With a mix of both clients and Piranha instructors participating, everyone has seen great results and worked together to find new ways to improve themselves. Do you want to be a part of this private group? Be on the lookout for another challenge coming this summer so you too can #defineyourself!

Lauren Uhrich has participated in two challenges with us and has had great results. Below are some of her thoughts on the challenges she has been a part of and the things that she has learned.

“Hey everyone! Sorry in advance for the long post—I was talking with Lindsay about what I’ve gained and learned about myself from doing both the New Year New You challenge in January as well as this nutrition challenge and she wanted me to share the sort of “trial and error” process we’ve gone through to learn about what works best for me in my diet.

When I started the first challenge in January my diet wasn’t terrible but there was definitely a need for improvement being both a full time student and being physically active 6+ times per week maintaining a constant strong energy level was a big need for me and something I hadn’t been achieving with my current diet I started by first eliminating junk and sugary foods from my diet as well as breads, pasta, etc. I was still lacking in energy and feeling bloated so next Lindsay recommended I remove the small amount of dairy from diet (roughly a couple tablespoons of half and half with coffee in the am and the occasional Greek yogurt was all I was really having) and even though I secretly doubted it would do anything I went along with it and immediately my bloated feeling went away (lesson 1 never doubt Lindsay).

There was still the issue of maintaining a high level of energy that we needed to address (this was about halfway through the challenge in January) we brainstormed about high, carb, low carb, different types of carbs etc. and after about another week or so of testing different amounts and it not working Lindsay recommended the Poliquin Meat and Nut Breakfast (…/The_Meat_and_Nut_Break…) it’s really as simple as it sounds you just have a serving of meat and nuts for breakfast and basically what it does is it causes a slow and constant rise in glucose levels rather than uneven energy level spikes due to a faster or irregular rise in glycaemia. As someone who doesn’t handle carbs well early in the day this breakfast is a lifesaver. I actually tried the other day to have a few pieces of cantaloupe with breakfast and I felt sluggish all day because of it and immediately went back to sticking with just protein and fats in the morning. Obviously everybody is different and bodies respond differently to different foods but the trial and error process is definitely worth it in the end. Even though the number on the scale didn’t change much for me I feel so much better on a day to day basis!

This time in the challenge I’m trying to learn even more about what foods my body is best responding to for instance I’ve realized that fruits in general just don’t make me feel great in comparison to if I were to have something like rice or veggies!

Hang in there! Trust the process and even though it will probably take longer than 30 days to figure out what works for you and your lifestyle and you will slip up along the way each bit of progress you make will make such a difference!”