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Kaitlyn Chan


I used to have a bad habit of deleting photos that made me look fat. To this day I can’t find one single “fat Kaitlyn” photo on my computer….except for the photo on the left. The photo on the left can be found by a simple Google search – that alone haunts me! The picture was taken without my knowledge on a First Friday in Downtown Bryan and later posted on the Downtown Bryan website. Talk about embarrassing. Seeing this photo was a wake up call. I remember I felt cute that day when leaving the house; had my high wasited shorts and little cropped top on and I was feelin’ flirty.

I was 5’3″ 145lbs. I would eat okay at this time in my life but I didn’t have any type of normal workout schedule. I was always athletic as a kid and teen playing volleyball, softball, tumbling, gymnastic, cheerleading, and swimming. When I was done with school, graduated from college and not involved in any team sports my activity levels were very low. Working a 40 hour/week job all day does not count as your work out for the day, let me tell ya that much!

When I started at Piranha I took baby steps – Zumba, then Zumba toning, Burn, Kickbox, and Inspiranha. On April 1st of 2015 I attended my first HIIT-IT class and it whooped me in the best way. I remember halfway through the class I thought I was going to walk out not only because I wanted to but because I felt like I had to. I was so exhausted. I hadn’t pushed myself that hard in a long, long time. Since that day I decided to get serious about my fitness regiment. Over the past few years I developed really great eating habits and I made healthy choices when it came to my nutrition so working out was really my last missing piece. My body has transformed since April of this year. I’m down over 20lbs and in the 120’s now. The biggest win of all is I’m not skinny, I’m strong! I have strength like I never imagined and I love it.

This is the new me. Healthy, happy, whole.