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Summer Nutrition Challenge


Join us for our next Nutrition Challenge June 15th – July 15th to help clean up your diet just in time for summer. We don’t expect you to be perfect, we do expect you to have “cheat meals”, and the most important thing is we expect RESULTS!

Here’s what others have said about our past challenges:

“The Nutritional Challenge is a way to learn to properly fuel your body. I have exercised and thought I ate healthy for most of my life (or at least knew the choices I SHOULD make)…until I came to Piranha. Surrounding yourself with the instructors and Piranha “fit fam” will allow you to gain knowledge on what to eat and NOT eat, combinations of foods, and when to eat that is best for you. It has allowed me to create a healthy eating lifestyle CHANGE. It is not just about 30 days and it is not a diet. It is about changing the way to eat. You will find when you eat what your body needs, you will start to lose cravings. You start to feel better and have more energy. It is a great resource for recipes and accountability. It is about REAL life eating and it is ok if you make a bad choice. Realizing the bad choice, analyzing why you did, then moving forward. Those who have had medical issues such as high blood pressure, Lupus, diabetes, or in my case cortisol level being way off, have all seen improvements or resolvement of the issue. It is about learning to make choices for your health! Our “fit fam” at Piranha already realizes the importance of physical exercise. So, are you ready to learn about the nutrition that is the other 80% of our health?”

– Kaye D.

“Participating in the nutrition challenges at Piranha Fitness Studio has been one of the best decisions I have made for myself. I’ve gained a great understanding about which foods work best for my body and which to avoid in order to achieve fat loss, improved energy levels, and prevent inflammation. I finished the challenges with results that surpass a number on a scale or size on a label. Additionally, I’ve come away with a great new support system of new friends and the trainers at Piranha that all want to see you succeed and share a passion for living a healthy lifestyle in order to become the best version of yourself.”

-Lauren U.

“After completing the nutrition challenge, the way I look at food and nutrition has changed dramatically. Before the challenge I looked at healthy eating as boring and impossible with my busy schedule. The challenge and other participants inspired me to plan ahead and find creative ways to make food exciting and healthy simultaneously. Now that the challenge is over I have been a lot more consistent with my nutrition. I am also seeing a difference in my body and fitness performance.”

– Jarrod D.

“Nutrition really is 80% of the equation and participating in the Piranha Fitness challenge helped me refocus on eating healthy and provided the accountability I needed to stay on track. Having trainers available 24/7 to offer suggestions on modifying meals was great and I enjoyed encouraging others and sharing the tips I have learned over the years. I lost 4 lbs over the month and a large amount in my middle which was a plus.”

– Shelly J.

“The nutrition challenge gave me the confidence I needed to change the way I look at food. Every other time I chose to eat healthy/clean I would be overwhelmed by the decisions and ultimately fall back into the rut. Make the decision to change your outlook and get the tools to do it during one of these challenges!”

– Jeren H.