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5 Ways To Strengthen Your CORE

Did you know that your core consists of more than just your abs? The key to successful fitness and a healthy life is a strong core, which includes your back, butt, legs and of course abs. Our Ass, Arms, & Abs class is our FREE COMMUNITY CLASS and will target all of these muscles, while our TRX class will help you increase stability and strength through various bodyweight suspension movements.

Here are a few ways these classes can help build a stronger core.

  1. Planks: as the base of all TRX exercises, this is the perfect place to begin establishing a solid “straight line” form
  2. Static Holds: Ass, Arms, & Abs will shock your core into shape with static holds incorporated into every routine
  3. Strength Training: get a full body workout through bodyweight pushups, dips, and other suspension exercises on the TRX bands
  4. Abdominal Targeting: Tighten those abs through various fast paced ab routines in Ass, Arms, & Abs
  5. Lunges/Squats: Tighten those glutes through jump squats and lunges on the TRX bands, or by squatting in rhythm to your favorite song in Ass, Arms, & Abs

Check out our schedule to see when the next Ass, Arms, & Abs or TRX class is, and get ready to wake that core from its slumber!