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Kristen Hagan

College hit me like a big yellow bus. My lifestyle no longer involved being active, and my eating habits were horrid. This lifestyle carried over to long after college, and into my life as a married woman. I was skipping social events because I couldn’t find anything to wear, missing church events because I didn’t have energy, and worst of all, I was completely dodging any and every camera that dared to point in my general direction. There is actually about a 2 year gap in my Facebook pictures because I refused to have my photo taken.

It was November of 2014 when I realized that all of the effort I had been putting into hiding could have just as easily been put into working out and eating better. It actually takes less time and effort out of my day to attend 1 class at Piranha and eat healthier than it does to cry about my body, ransack my closet looking for an outfit, avoid every mirror in sight, and skip social events- combined.

A friend mentioned Piranha, so I did it. My first class had me hooked immediately. Soon after my first few weeks as a member, I discovered Bridget’s HIIT IT class which totally rocked my world. My eating habits followed suit! I recall one time, as soon as I got home from class, my husband asked if I wanted pizza and I replied, “Not after I just did all of that work buddy!” It is amazing how you immediately begin to treat your body with respect once you see what it is capable of. Your body wants you to be strong and energized! I can promise you that the very last thing your body wants to do is sit on the couch and eat blue box mac and cheese all day (although it is delicious).

Now I am attending classes 5 days a week, sometimes multiple times a day. When I am traveling for work, I am doing my classes On Demand in my hotel room. My self-confidence has gone from 0-10 in the past 5 months, and I am not even close to completing my transformation.

I know that it can be scary. Nothing is more frustrating than the first few weeks. Nothing. But what is great about Piranha is the instructors and staff make the moments that you are with them enjoyable and fun! Every single one of the staff here has a way of encouraging you, inspiring you, and caring for you. I have personally never felt more loved by a “gym” of any sort in my life.

If I have learned anything, it is that your body will never disappoint you as long as you treat it with the respect that it deserves.

Love and Peace to my Piranha Family, Kristen
Age 27