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Misti Chapman


In April 2015 I went for a routine physician yearly checkup, little did I know it would be the turning point that would change my life for the better. I was nervous that day because I knew I was going to have to step on the dreaded scale, but I told myself it was ok, after all I had started working out in January of this year, though half-heartedly at Piranha and also started loosely watching what I ate, so it couldn’t be that bad, could it…WRONG…it read 189lbs!!! My heart just sank as I stepped off. My doctor went over my lab work and it was not good, I had cardiac issues brewing and was highly borderline diabetic, definitely not where I wanted to be at 38 years old, especially with a strong family history of diabetes and heart problems. My doctor had a long talk with me that day about obesity and getting my health in check. He strongly suggested putting me on antidiabetic medication to help jumpstart the process of losing weight but I said “no”, I was going to do this on my own. He said ok, he would give me 3 months and then we would go from there. I can’t begin to describe how I felt that day, but it was a changing point for me and I knew there would be no turning back. I was going to do this for myself, for my daughter, for my husband…my family.

Luckily, Piranha had just started the Spring Nutrition Challenge and I jumped in. I had never eaten clean and had no idea what I was doing but dived in head first and learned so much. I cut out carbs, processed foods, sugar, and dairy. In the beginning it was challenging because I had to learn how to prep my food for the week and realized quickly this is no longer a “grab and go” lifestyle but one in which I have to plan what I eat ahead of time. I increased my water intake and became serious about my workouts. My focus changed. In the past anytime I wanted to lose weight it wasn’t ever for the right reason, this time it is different. I had a reason and anytime I didn’t want to get up to work out or felt too tired to go to the gym after work, I thought about who I was doing it for…my daughter’s graduation, her wedding…you see, if I continued on the wrong path I might not be around to enjoy her and partake in these things. I also began tracking everything I ate and each workout, it kept me accountable. If I wanted to cheat I knew I would have to track it and feel guilty about it, too me it just wasn’t worth it and neither was the way it made me feel either!

June 2015 I went back for my 3 months doctor visit and hopped onto the scale no longer nervous. In 3 months I had lost 20lbs. When the doctor walked in he was ecstatic and told me he didn’t think I needed to go on any medications and to keep doing what I was doing. Even better was the fact that my lab values had drastically improved!

I have lost a total of 61lbs since January of this year. Hard work, determination and focus are what have kept me on this journey. There have been times I have fallen but I have had plenty of support from my family, Piranha Family, and one of my best friends and work out partner Lindsey Hollis who keeps me motivated. Throughout this time I have learned a great deal about myself and I am proud of who I am.