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  • A well-deserved GLAMSHOOT!
    A well-deserved GLAMSHOOT!

    Piranha Fitness Studio's annual BINGO challenge is becoming quite the sought-after prize for their studio members. The goal is to blackout a bingo board over the course of 6 weeks for a chance to win ...

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  • 'GLAMshoot' Winner Tells All
    'GLAMshoot' Winner Tells All

    Piranha Fitness Studio recently did a BINGO challenge for all of their studio members. The goal was to blackout a bingo board to be entered into the drawing for a chance to win their very first ...

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  • Keep Drinkin'
    Keep Drinkin'

    Nobody likes a thirsty girl ;) But really, with the heat picking up, you need to be staying H Y D R A T E D. If you are a constant victim to chapped lips, bloating, dry skin, or headaches, these are ...

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  • Sunday Funday
    Sunday Funday

    Everybody loves the weekend, especially a nice, easy Sunday. You sleep in, curl up on the couch, and spend some quality time with your family before the next hectic week begins. Right now, it might be ...

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  • Discipline

    Congrats! You’ve made the biggest step in your fitness journey: starting the journey. I like to call it a “journey” because the name itself implies that this is not necessarily an easy path. There ...

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