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Congrats!  You’ve made the biggest step in your fitness journey: starting the journey.

I like to call it a “journey” because the name itself implies that this is not necessarily an easy path.  There will be obstacles; there will be days where you just want to sleep an extra 30 minutes instead of waking up and getting your workout in.  There will be days that a slice of cake sounds so much better than the quinoa you made.

It’s going to be tough at first to learn to say “no” to these temptations, these distractions from your goal.  But that’s just what they are, a distraction.  You have complete and total control to make the choice and select the option that is going to help you reach your full potential.  Unfortunately, these temptations will likely never go away.  Fortunately, once you say “no” once, it becomes easier and easier each time there-on-out.

There are so many ways to maintain and strengthen your discipline “muscles.”  Here are a few ways to make sure you stay on track to crush your goals:

◙ Find an accountability partner/workout buddy

◙ Plan out your week and find time for workouts and meal prep

◙ Meal prep so there is less temptation to eat unhealthy things

◙ Bring healthy snacks with you to curb any cravings

◙ Keep your mind focused on your goals

Discipline is a trait that we all have, it just has to be strengthened.  Find what motivates you and use it to your advantage.  Create your goal and crush it.  It is not going to be an easy journey, but it is going to be so worth it, you just have to hang in there until discipline becomes a habit.

Imagine yourself at the top of that mountain, with the healthy body, mind, and soul that you earned.  Every drop of sweat, every sacrifice you had to make to get there will seem so small in hindsight.

So set that alarm 30 minutes early, eat clean, and work for the you that you want to become.  You are capable and you are worth it.