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Our latest GLAMSHOOT Winner talks health, fitness & motivation


Piranha Fitness Studio's annual BINGO challenge is becoming quite the sought-after prize for their studio members. The goal is to blackout a bingo board over the course of 6 weeks for a chance to win the GLAMshoot. Bingo squares include tracking nutrition, parking in the furthest parking spot, attending specific classes, doing something active on a Sunday, or even bringing a friend with you to workout. Although there were several participants who completed the challenge, only one special client wins our grand prize of a GLAMshoot. Read below about our newest BINGO winner, Linzi Berkowitz, and her fitness journey with Piranha!

A special thanks to our photographer Samantha Paul with Samantha Bre Photography and the Lululemon showroom of College Station, TX.

Name: Linzi Berkowitz

Age: 27

Occupation: PhD Student


What brought you to Piranha Fitness Studio in the first place?

Piranha was simply that it was the only place offering studio cycling in College Station. I had recently given up on corporate gyms for the millionth time and thought maybe structured classes would be a great fit. Little did I know I would find such an amazing place!

What's your favorite type of workout?

Cycling by far is my favorite workout! Not only is it a great cardio and leg workout, it helps release great endorphins. I may be exhausted but I love the way I feel mentally following a great cycling class!

Where do you find your motivation, your drive, and your will power?

Two weeks after my first Piranha class I diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and immediately felt this immense motivation to fully commit to daily exercise to combat my disease. However, having that motivation everyday is hard especially when you are mentally and/or physically not feeling it. I learned what motivates me best is to plan my workouts for the entire week in advance as I look forward to the Piranha classes. At the same time, I have to motivate myself to be accepting that I may have to cancel my classes depending on how I feel each day, which has been the hardest part when I have so much motivation to exercise!

What's the best health and fitness secret you've been taught?

The best secret I have been taught was that anything can be modified, whether it be food or exercise. Joelle and Lindsay have been great at modifying or teaching me how to modify exercises so that I can continue to partake in Co-op or the weights section of a cycle class. When it comes to food, I have known of my Celiac's disease since 2009, way before the gluten-free fad, and therefore had to become an instant food modifier. Wrap that burger in lettuce, eat that gluten free pizza without cheese, or ask for no sauce. I live by a "you do you" mentality and the advice I've received at Piranha had definitely complimented that.

Share your first time experience with wearing Lululemon workout clothes.

Everyone always talks about the softness and lightweight of Lululemon but what stood out to me was the construction of the clothing to support you through all sorts of workouts. It was so nice to wear my outfit during cycling and have that extra support.

What's the best advice you can give to those reading about health & fitness.

The best advice I can give is two fold. 1) Weight and health are two different things so while your weight not be where you wish it was, your health is most important. 2) There is no one-size fits all health and fitness remedy so take that time to try out all different workouts or healthy eating habits to see what works best for you. Completely eliminating carbs does not work for me, but eliminating diary has been life changing (even though cheese is heaven). Take the time to learn your body!