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Amber's Story

Amber's Success Story

Amber's Success Story

Hey ya’ll! My name is Amber Noto and I LOVE FOOD. There I said it…and it’s the truth. Thankfully for me these days I love HEALTHY & CLEAN food but it definitely wasn’t always this way.

I’m from a southern family where butter is basically on tap and we fry everything! Oh, and tea isn’t the only thing we like that’s sweet! My Husband is from a big Sicilian family and eating is basically religion to them…and it ain’t about hunger. Bring those two together with a lack of self control and you’ve got a recipe for tight clothes and unhealthy bodies. From both of our families anything and everything can be solved and celebrated with food…lots of food. Unfortunately, those food choices stuck with me LONG after the pasta and gravy was gone. One pound at a time quickly made my clothes stop fitting. I’ve always been “chunky” but I had learned to dress around that. I spent most of my days seeing pictures and people who were in shape and I envied them. However, rarely did I get off my butt or put the fork down.

In January of this year I was looking through pictures from Christmas and I was horrified…was my face really that plump or is it just the camera angle?! I spent the better part of a week obsessing over this and scouring fitness/ weightloss pages for inspiration. Of course it always came back to my favorite place full of inspiring people…PIRANHA, but more so Power Training. I’ve loved this place for a while but I never utilized it to do anything that actually made changes. I thought a piranha class here or there will do the trick but I was still eating JUNK and I wasn’t going every day. So I vowed then and there that this would be MY year. I would be a success story.

I would stop talking about it and BE about it. I totally changed our way of eating and our relationship with food. We no longer eat out of emotion or celebration but for necessity. We still enjoy what we eat but we try to keep it as clean as possible now and we feel so much better! My husband has even dropped 30 pounds just by eating what I cook now. If that’s not proof that your nutrition plays a HUGE role I don’t know what is. Everything that passes your lips is a CHOICE…a conscious decision of how your body will look and feel.

I was always scared to join anything other than a class where I could hide in the back. Power Training is the exact opposite but boy am I glad I faced that fear. I took the plunge and joined Power Training in January and to say it’s been life changing would be an understatement. Sure you drive by and we look like we are dying or sometimes we are half dead but what you don’t see is how much we LOVE it, how much we lift each other up. I started this year at almost 200 pounds (the heaviest I’ve ever been).

As I watched some of my fellow Power Trainers I thought to myself “there’s just no way I’ll ever be able to do that.” But you know what? I got up and went anyway…I pushed myself to do what I thought was impossible and I DID those things. I still have so many goals to reach and I’ve fallen off the wagon more than once but I’m amazed at the goals I’ve surpassed and the things that I’ve accomplished. I’ll tell you NOTHING gets your blood pumping quite like reaching a fitness goal that once seemed so far away. I still groan and whine when I see that white board but on the inside I welcome those killer burpees, squats, dreaded sliders, and hour long training session. I have lost almost 30 pounds, 3 pant sizes, 1 shirt size, and ALOT of negative thoughts about myself. I have gained friends, strength, confidence, discipline, and power!

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