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Shelly's Success Story

Shelly's Success Story

Hi! I’m Shelly and I’m here to share my year-long battle with weight loss. My first semester at A&M in Spring 2015 had been on cloud nine that I unconsciously gained 10 lbs by the semester end. Already being overweight, summer came in Indonesia and I was seduced by all the extra fattening, sweet, yet delicious food. Panicked, I spent a lot on expensive diet pills. And of course, it didn’t work. The real moment of truth hit me hard on the head like a brick when I was traveling to Singapore with my brother and best friends.

We had a great time but when I looked at back at pictures, I was horrified. I felt like I was trapped in this fat, oversized body that I was ashamed of. I even decided to not share any of the photos on Facebook or Instagram. As a person who loves to travel and to share these precious moments on my social media, I was devastated. My confidence level hit rock bottom and I had now become so self-conscious and hated myself for letting me fall into this vicious cycle.

As if the world conspires to help me rebound, I am forever grateful to a friend who introduced me to Piranha. In the coming Fall, I found myself registered for Power Training 3 times a week. It was never easy, but it was worth every sweat. I started to add Cardio Dance and TRX into my weekly routine. By mid December, I had lost 14 lbs. Pictures taken while traveling during my winter break provided me visual proof that I did lose some weight and I looked significantly better. My confidence shot up.

The New Year came and I was in need of a new version of me. I wanted to keep this momentum going. I attended various classes at Piranha consistently for 4 to 5 times a week without fail and I started to change my eating habit. An instructor advised me that my focus should not be solely on losing weight, but rather on developing a healthy eating habit which will eventually result in weight loss. I took it all to heart and it totally worked. I reduced my carbohydrate intake and increased my water intake, fruits and veggies. I also tried to meal prep on Sunday’s for the following week so I knew exactly what will be consumed by my body. As my workout intensity increased with TRX, Cardio Dance, Kickboxing and weightlifting I also took in more protein to help build muscle.

Fast forward to the Fall of 2016 and I have cumulatively lost 30 lbs within one year. To Piranha family and supportive friends who have paved the road for me, thank you so much. I couldn’t have done it without all of you. If there’s one thing I have learned the hard way along this process, it’s that no one can love yourself as much as you do. Believe that you’re strong enough, beautiful enough, and most importantly good enough to make all the dreams that seem impossible possible. Some days can be harder than others and being merely humans, not everyday is a powerful day. So find the strengths that run in your veins. Catch the dreams that keep your heart beating. You will eventually want to take good care of this finest piece of art God has made out of you. So dance your way to fitness. Seize this strong, beautiful, powerful part of yourself – the ones you love and believe. These are, indeed, yours for the taking.

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